Born: Washington
Paddle: Trinity
Rating: 4.7
Hand: Righty
Food: Mediterranean
Movie: N/A
Music: N/A

Ahmad El-Zarif

Ahmad El-Zarif hails from the picturesque state of Washington. He discovered soccer at the young age of 6. He not only excelled in playing the sport but also found joy in assisting his younger brother and sister with their own soccer journeys. Guiding them through their athletic pursuits and helping them with their schoolwork became a big part of his life.

Pickleball first emerged as a casual family activity. Little did Ahmad know that this recreational pastime would soon take center stage. Everything changed when Ahmad relocated to the sunny shores of Florida two years ago. Soccer was still very much a part of his life, but the allure of pickleball began to grow stronger. He slowly started playing more frequently and began to notice gradual improvement in his game.

The turning point came when Ahmad participated in his first pickleball tournament in Green Cove Springs, Florida. This tournament was more for fun than competition, but it ignited a spark within him. Ahmad realized that he had a tough choice to make between soccer and pickleball, as both sports demanded significant time and commitment.

Soon after, Ahmad made two life-changing decisions, to transition to virtual schooling and to leave soccer to pursue his passion for pickleball. The next pivotal chapter in Ahmad's journey was marked by an unexpected opportunity. After participating in the Swamp Series tournament in Gainesville, Ahmad was contacted by Phantom Pickleball. Their interest in him was piqued by his performance, but also his professional on-court demeanor and attitude. Ahmad had a few sponsorship opportunities and ultimately chose Phantom because their Trinity paddle felt best to him and he wanted to part of the Phantom Phamily.

Ahmad has demonstrated that he is not your average 15 year old, proven by his dedication, talent, and ability to adapt to new challenges. His journey reminds us that sometimes, the path to greatness takes unexpected turns, leading us to our true calling. With his newfound passion and the perfect paddle in hand, Ahmad El-Zarif is poised to make a significant impact in the world of pickleball, inspiring other young athletes to follow their dreams.