As stated in our mission statement, we are an inclusive brand that “revolves around fun and friendships”.  This is truly why we launched Phantom Pickleball.  While we will always focus only on premium paddles and products, we will never deviate from our plan to seek out great people that we want to sit next to, enjoy a good laugh and compete with in our amazing sport regardless of your rating.  That means, if you are one to put yourself before your team, often forget common on and off court courtesies or have lost your sense of humor, you need not apply.


We want to include people that train hard, smile often and possess a self-awareness that makes you likeable, approachable and interesting to be around.  That is because we hope to travel as a team and welcome you at our tournament tent for drinks, snacks and a shady place to relax.


If you are interested in joining Team Phantom as a sponsored player, ambassador or just be part of the fun, please contact us at