Team Phantom Sponsorship & Ghost Protocol Programs


What is a Team Phantom Sponsored Player?

Most top brands only sponsor 5.0+ players because their focus is on the most exposure for the brand.  At Phantom, we are happy to extend our sponsorships to select 3.5+ players that show the drive and passion to improve and take pickleball to the next level.  Phantom’s mission is to be an “inclusive” brand, not an “exclusive” one.


What is our Ghost Protocol Partner Program?

This is our top secret, not secret program to encourage players passionate about pickleball and Phantom to promote the brand at their home courts, tournaments and within their communities.  Our marketing plan relies heavily on word of mouth for those willing to share their enjoyment of our products and in return we are happy to share in the growth of the brand.


Benefits of being a Team Phantom Sponsored Player or Ghost Protocol Partner:

  • Discounted paddles, gear and accessories for personal use
  • Special reseller pricing to promote Phantom at your courts and in your community
  • First dibs at new paddle designs, products and apparel as they launch
  • Programs are new and we are developing fun ways for our Phantom Team to participate in tournaments and events.


If you are interested in being part of Team Phantom, please contact us at