All paddles have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship.

  • Registration is required to be eligible
  • Paddles must be registered within 45 days of purchase
  • Warranty is non-transferable
  • Proof of purchase required


What is not covered by the warranty? 

  • Normal wear and tear, abuse and negligence
  • Graphics fading over time/use
  • Striking other objects
  • Change of ownership


Replacement Paddle

  • If a replacement paddle is issued, the new paddle will no longer be covered under the warranty guarantee.
  • In the event of a warranty claim, the purchaser is responsible for the necessary postage to send the paddle back to Phantom Pickleball.


How long should a paddle last? 

Paddles can last a long time depending on how often you play and how well you care for the equipment.  Certain components are more susceptible to normal wear and tear compared to others.  The edge guard’s main function is to protect your paddle from scratches and scrapes on the ground.  It will deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced.  Your grip will also need to be replaced per your comfort and preference.  A nice overgrip can protect it and give you added comfort and support caused by sweat.  It is not deemed a warrantable occurrence if the paddle breaks down from normal use, so please help us help you by taking great care of your new Phantom paddle.


It is at the sole discretion of Phantom to determine whether a paddle is covered


Any questions, please contact our team and we will be happy to assist.