Now get ready for some real fun!  We told you we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we meant it.  Our local group has affectionately named ourselves the “No Mercy” Crew.  That is because we enjoy playing each other with maximum effort and talking some smack after.  Here is your opportunity to take razzing your buddies to the next level. 


No one likes to lose, but you definitely don’t want to lose 11-0.  At least not to our friends.  You will not hear the end of it UNTIL you pickle them back.  Pass The Pickle is the perfect game to play with your crew.  It will add a little wrinkle and a lot of laughs to your match.  The rules are simple…


  1. Have a sense of humor
  2. Pickle your friends
  3. Pass the pickle
  4. Share the moment with us


If you get pickled you are stuck with it until you pickle someone and can pass it on.  Don’t forget to take pictures and video to share on Instagram.  Tag us @PhantomPickleball and use #PassThePickle for all to enjoy and memorialize the moment forever.


The best videos/images with the most likes will qualify for a $100 gift card.  Be creative, keep it clean and have a laugh with Team Phantom.


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