Born: Bronx, NY
Paddle: Trinity
Rating: 4.5
Hand: Righty
Food: Pasta / Hispanic
Movie: Scarface
Music: Old School / Latin

Arsenio Rondon

Arsenio Rondon (Artie) was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He moved to South Florida in 1993 and currently works for USPS as a letter carrier in West Pembroke Pines. He has been happily married for 33 years to Natalie and together they have two wonderful boys, Arsenio Jr (AJ) and Matthew. Artie is a family man and enjoys spending time with them as often as he can. As his boys were growing up, he dedicated much of his time coaching them in baseball and hockey. He was very passionate and committed to guiding them in their respective sports.

Artie not only committed his time to his boys but also to the community. He was part of the West Pembroke Pines baseball optimist program as a board member. He helped organize many tournaments for the program and dedicated many hours on the baseball field, attending meetings and helping in any way that he could. Artie also dedicated as much time as he could to the Pines Thunder hockey program.

Artie’s love for sports began when he was very young. He played baseball, football and basketball. He has a deep passion for sports and thrives on competition. He has a twin brother and they played professional paddleball in New York during the 80’s and 90’s, competing in many tournaments.

In 2016, Artie was introduced to pickleball by a paddleball friend named Donnie Ciaffone. At first, it seemed like a slower sport than he was used to but quickly realized pickleball was uniquely challenging and a great way to meet people of all ages. He has become an avid player and can be seen out on the local South Florida courts 4-5 times a week. It goes without saying that Artie has found a new sport to be passionate about and challenges himself daily to improve while having fun doing it.

Artie loves his new Trinity paddle because of the power and spin it has added to his game. He admires the dedication of Team Phantom that often plays at the same courts and was excited to be asked to join them. It is their competitive spirit, commitment to helping others in the community and involvement with charities that resonated most with him. Team Phantom is lucky to have Artie as one of our top ambassadors because he is an amazing guy with an infectious smile you will love to play with when you meet him.