Born: West Palm Beach, FL
Paddle: Sniper
Rating: TBD
Hand: Righty
Food: Anything seafood
Movie: TV show Friends
Music: Reggaeton

Isabella Ochoa

Isabella Ochoa was born on July 5th, 2005, in West Palm Beach, Florida. She grew up in a supportive and loving family with her parents, Clara Agudelo and Freddy Ochoa, two sisters, one brother, and her Shih Tzu named Tokyo. At the age of 5, Isabella's parents introduced her to tennis, and she quickly fell in love with the sport. Tennis became an integral part of her life, and she has dedicated a lot of time and effort to improving her skills. Over the past 12 years, she has competed in tournaments all over the world, playing at the highest level.

Aside from tennis, Isabella enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, trying out new restaurants, and exploring new places. A few months ago, her cousin Nathalie introduced her to pickleball, and she quickly fell in love with it. Initially she found it to be a great way to have fun and do something similar to tennis. Quickly, Isabella realized that her years of training would easily transition to pickleball and is now focused on seeing where the sport can take her.

Isabella is a member of Team Phantom, who are committed to helping her develop her skills and passion for the sport. She shared, “I feel that my new team goes above and beyond to make their players feel valued, supported, and part of a community. Phantom’s support is unparalleled, and I consider them to be my second family. Without their unrelenting encouragement, I would not be the athlete and teammate that I am today.”

Isabella's favorite paddle is the Phantom Sniper, which she believes perfectly combines power and accuracy. She feels that the paddle's length is one of its greatest attributes, and she's confident that it prepares her for every match thrown her way. She plans to continue playing pickleball and inspiring others to take risks and pursue their goals.