Born: New York, NY
Paddle: Trinity
Rating: Pro
Hand: Righty
Food: Hispanic
Movie: Transformers, Fast & Furious
Music: EDM, Bad Bunny

James Delgado

James Delgado, a native of Long Island, New York, is a remarkable athlete whose journey in the world of sports has been filled with passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Born into a family with a deep love for tennis, James began his tennis journey at the tender age of three, guided by his father's unwavering vision for his success. The hard work and commitment paid off, as James quickly emerged as a rising star in the tennis world. From ages 12-18 years old, he had already claimed the top spot in both the state and southern rankings.

Throughout his junior career, James accumulated an impressive collection of victories in numerous major tournaments across the South. He showcased his versatility and dominance by winning titles in both singles and doubles in every age group, earning accolades not only at the regional level but also nationally and internationally. However, James's most cherished moments in his young tennis career came when he teamed up with his brother in doubles. Overcoming their fierce sibling rivalry, they formed an unstoppable partnership, setting records for the highest number of consecutive tournament wins and cementing an unbreakable bond that transformed their relationship both on and off the court.

In 2023, James stumbled upon pickleball and this took his journey in a whole new direction. Drawing on his extensive tennis background, he has quickly adapted to the game and can often be found dedicating countless hours to refining his skills. James saw others on the courts with the Phantom eyes and was immediately captivated by the sleek design. Serendipitously, James crossed paths with Dan at the Central Park pickleball courts in Planation, FL and this meeting proved to be a turning point. James explains, “As I got to know Dan and Seth, the founders of Phantom, I was inspired by their unwavering passion and vision to create amazing gear but always put the team first. The camaraderie and sense of family that Phantom fosters resonates deeply with me.” The opportunity to train and compete alongside his teammates on a daily basis has brought James an entirely new dimension of fulfillment. He looks forward to an exciting future as a professional pickleball player as he continues to elevate his game and have fun doing it.