Born: San Antonio, TX
Paddle: Goliath
Rating: 5.0
Hand: Righty
Food: All Asian Cuisine (PHO)
Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Music: All genres (hip hop, R&B, EDM/House, Spanish)

James “Nick” Hernandez

Nick was born and raised in San Antonio, TX with his brother and sister. His mom worked for the school district where they were exposed to sports daily. Nick was well rounded as a kid, enjoying track and field, soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and football. In high school, he narrowed his focused to tennis, soccer and cross country. Nick worked hard for his tennis scholarship and ended up playing D2 college tennis for 4 years.

After graduating college, Nick moved on to pharmacy school and became Dr. Nick Hernandez. It was during rotations at The Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL that he came across some pickleball courts and decided to see what the commotion was all about. While at the pickleball courts, he met some great people, and they convinced him to meet them at Central Park in Plantation. He has been hooked ever since. He credits his early success in the game to a local pro named Andy Rubenstein, as well as CA Messana who also plays for Team Phantom.

These days, Nick is a stay-at-home dad who takes care of his wonderful 4-year-old boy Luke. He appreciates his life and feels blessed to be able to spend so much quality time with his son each day. When he’s not with Luke, you can find Nick playing high level pickleball in Detroit, MI. He loves meeting new people and introducing them to the game of pickleball.

When CA Messana joined Team Phantom, Nick noticed CA’s Facebook post and decided to reach out. He explains, “The graphics immediately caught my eye and I had to know more”. Team Phantom scheduled a video call with Nick and we quickly realized our personalities, culture, and goals were a perfect fit. Fortunately, when he had a chance to demo Phantom, it did not disappoint. Nick went on to share, “The feel and touch of the Goliath around the mid-court area and the kitchen line when dinking and resetting is so smooth compared to other paddles I have played with.” He is super excited to be a member of Team Phantom and we are equally as thrilled to have Nick’s energy on our side.