Born: Maryland
Paddle: Goliath
Rating: Pro
Hand: Righty
Food: Thai
Movie: Too Many To Pick One
Music: Acoustic Rock, Reggae, Rap, Pop

Van Damrongsri

Van Damrongsri is a multi-sport athlete who was born and raised in Maryland with his brother and sister. He was exposed to sports from a young age and started playing tennis competitively when he was seven years old. His talent and hard work earned him a Top 40 ranking in the United States. He went on to play tennis on a scholarship at the University of Louisville and later coached at Morehead State for one year.

After completing his college education, Van's love for travel and adventure led him to Nicaragua where he currently resides. To support his lifestyle, he learned computer coding and now works as a software engineer.

In addition to his passion for traveling, Van is also an avid surfer and pickleball player. He discovered pickleball in early 2022 and has been playing the sport regularly ever since. He plays with the Phantom Goliath paddle. His tennis roots make him hyper aware of the paddle’s feel and he loves the power and reset capabilities it offers. Van appreciates how the sport brings people from different backgrounds together to compete. He is continuously improving his skills and is working towards competing at the highest level.

Van is a relaxed and fun-loving guy which is the perfect fit for Team Phantom. He is always up for new challenges and enjoys learning new things. “I really enjoy being around the team,” Van shared. “Dan and Seth told me before I joined that we would be surrounded by great players and even better people. They have delivered on that promise.”