Phantom Pickleball Lead Tape - 12 count - Pre-Cut - 3 gram bars

SKU: PP-LEADTAPE-2x12x3-001



Phantom Pickleball is a premium sports equipment brand that focuses on supplying our customers with high-end pickleball gear meant to improve performance and technique, without compromising on durability or comfort. We rely exclusively on superior materials and state-of-the-art technologies in order to meet every player’s rigorous quality expectations. Encountering an issue with your purchase? Rest assured our friendly customer care department will quickly address any concerns you might have regarding our products!


Pickleball Lead Tape Strips – Enhance Your Game Performance Like a Pro


The Phantom pickleball lead tape is designed as 2-inch individual strips that are easy to apply on the paddle edge to achieve the perfect balance! Small but important, these lead tape strips can help balance the board to increase your hitting power, spin, and precision, as well as stability and control! Our pickleball paddle edge tape comes with 3M adhesive that keeps the strips in place and prevents them from falling, no matter how hard you hit the ball. Easy to apply, malleable, pre-cut and pre-weighted, our pickleball lead tape is designed to power up your game and make every performance more enjoyable!


Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of our pickleball lead tape:


  • 12-pcs lead tape strips;
  • 2-inch individual lead tape strips;
  • 3-gram bars;
  • Stabilize the paddle by adding weight;
  • Increase power, spin and control;
  • High-density tape;
  • Durable and resistant;
  • Strong adhesion keeps the strips in place;
  • Pre-cut and pre-weighted strips;
  • Designed by professional pickleball players and instructors;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Strong but malleable structure for easy application on the edge;


Boost your game performance and strike winning hits with these pickleball lead tape strips!




Improve Your Game: If you love a good and intense pickleball game or you are a competitive person, it’s time to improve your game performance with the Phantom pickleball paddle edge tape! These individual strips can help balance your paddle, taking your game to the next level!


Power and Control Boost: The Phantom pickleball edge guard tape is designed to power up your game and help achieve a balanced paddle to improve spin, stability and control, ensuring more precise and powerful winning hits!


Pre-Cut and Pre-Weighted: Our pickleball edge tape arrives in pre-cut and pre-weighted individual 2-inch strips, that allow you to optimize the paddle balance much easier and duplicate the pattern on other paddles.


Strong Adhesive: Compared with other similar lead tape options, the Phantom lead tape for pickleball paddles comes with 3M adhesive that ensures a strong adhesion, allowing you to focus on the game without worrying about the strips falling off.


Premium Lead Tape: Designed by professional pickleball players and instructors, our pickleball paddle lead tape will never disappoint in terms of performance! The lead tape has a higher density structure than others on the market, it’s more malleable and ensures a precise application for optimal weight balance.

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