Phantom Pickleball Sling Bag


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Phantom Pickleball is a premium sports equipment brand that focuses on supplying our customers with high-end pickleball gear meant to improve performance and technique, without compromising on durability or comfort. We rely exclusively on superior materials and state-of-the-art technologies in order to meet every player’s rigorous quality expectations. Encountering an issue with your purchase? Rest assured our friendly customer care department will quickly address any concerns you might have regarding our products!


Modern Pickleball Sling Bag – When Functionality Meets Style


Ditch the boring, old sports bag and carry your pickleball equipment in a stylish bag that makes heads turn! Featuring a modern design with adjustable and reversible shoulder straps and spacious storage designed with conveniently-placed compartments and pockets, this pickleball sling bag perfectly balances aesthetics and functionality to help you carry your gear and accessories more comfortably! Our sling backpack is made with superior quality materials and strong zippers that make the bag highly resistant to tear and wear, abrasions and damage!


Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of our Phantom Pickleball sling bag:


  • Extra-thick and durable fabric with reinforced stitching;
  • Molded fence hook;
  • Large pockets for paddles, laptop, and other large gear;
  • Large insulated food and drinks pocket;
  • Optimized storage space;
  • Mesh bottle holder fits 40 oz stainless steel Phantom water bottle
  • Tear, abrasion and wear-resistant polyester fabric;
  • Waterproof materials;
  • Strong and reliable zippers;
  • Sleek and modern style;
  • Reversible adjustable straps with soft padding;
  • Ideal for sports, training, competition or travel;
  • Easy to carry and lightweight;


You will be impressed by the functionality, durability and aesthetics of the Phantom sling bag!


We are here to answer all your questions.  If you would like additional information about our wicked line of paddles, premium gear or sponsorship programs, just reach out.  If you would like to feature Phantom Pickleball in your store, set up a corporate event or plan a clinic with one of our teaching pros, please drop us a note.  Our team looks forward to chatting with you; and hopefully, meet you out on the courts one day soon.

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